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Face masks made in Australia
Here is an explanation of the time zone abbreviations used internationally and locally:

GMT - Greenwich Mean Time
UTC - Universal Coordinated Time (the same as GMT). The initials are in the "wrong" order because they stand for the French translation.

US and Canada - see map (73Kbs)
AST Atlantic Standard Time (GMT -4 hours)
   ADT Atlantic Daylight Saving Time (GMT -3 hours)
EST Eastern Standard Time (GMT -5 hours)
   EDT Eastern Daylight Saving Time (GMT -4 hours)
CST Central Standard Time (GMT -6 hours)
   CDT Central Daylight Saving Time (GMT -5 hours)
MST Mountain Standard Time (GMT -7 hours)
   MDT Mountain Daylight Saving Time (GMT -6 hours)
PST Pacific Standard Time (GMT -8 hours)
   PDT Pacific Daylight Saving Time (GMT -7 hours)
AKST Alaska Standard Time (GMT -9 hours)
   AKDT Alaska Daylight Saving Time (GMT -8 hours)
HST Hawaiian Standard Time (GMT -10 hours)
   (Hawaii doesn't adjust for Daylight Saving)

Europe - see map (59Kbs)
BST British Summer Time (GMT +1 hour)
IST Irish Summer Time (GMT +1 hour)
CET Central Europe Time (GMT +1 hour)
   CEST Central Europe Summer Time (GMT +2 hours)
EET Eastern Europe Time (GMT +2 hours)
   EEST Eastern Europe Summer Time (GMT +3 hours)

Australia - see map (28Kbs)
AEST Australian Eastern Standard Time (GMT +10 hours)

Other maps.       Military time zone codes.


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Books by & about Aborigines, fiction & non-fiction

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Aboriginal music CDs and musical instruments

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