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Face masks made in Australia

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Face masks made in Australia
The armed forces of many nations give letters to time zones, where Z (Zulu) = Zero meridian (UTC or GMT). Other letters/words are used for other timezones. A to M go eastwards and N to Y go westwards. The letter J is omitted.
CodeWordOffsetFor example
YYankeeUTC -12 hoursPacific Ocean nations
XXrayUTC -11 hoursPacific Ocean nations
WWhiskyUTC -10 hoursHawaii
VVictorUTC -9 hoursAlaska, Yukon
UUniformUTC -8 hoursPST, Pacific USA, British Columbia
TTangoUTC -7 hoursMST, Mountain USA, Alberta
SSierraUTC -6 hoursCST, Central USA, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Central America
RRomeoUTC -5 hoursEST, Eastern USA, Ontario, Quebec
QQuebecUTC -4 hoursLabrador, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia
PPapaUTC -3 hoursGreenland
OOscarUTC -2 hoursCape Verde
NNovemberUTC -1 hourAtlantic Ocean
ZZulusame as UTCBritain, Ireland, Portugal, Western Africa
AAlphaUTC +1 hourWestern Europe, Algeria, Nigeria, Angola
BBravoUTC +2 hoursFinland, Eastern Europe, Balkans, Libya, Egypt, South Africa
CCharlieUTC +3 hoursMoscow, Eastern Africa, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania
DDeltaUTC +4 hoursSamara (Russia)
EEchoUTC +5 hoursYekaterinburg (Russia)
FFoxtrotUTC +6 hoursOmsk (Russia), Bangladesh
GGolfUTC +7 hoursKrasnoyarsk (Russia), Western Indonesia
HHotelUTC +8 hoursIrkutsk (Russia), China, Hong Kong, Philippines, Central Indonesia, Western Australia
IIndiaUTC +9 hoursYakutsk (Russia), Korea, Japan, Eastern Indonesia
KKiloUTC +10 hoursVladivostok (Russia), Papua New Guinea, Eastern Australia
LLimaUTC +11 hoursMagadan (Russia)
MMikeUTC +12 hoursKamchatka (Russia), Fiji, New Zealand

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Books by & about Aborigines, fiction & non-fiction

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