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... all are places where you can relax, have a good time and indulge yourself. Places where city dwellers can cast off their daily worries and stresses. In Australia we call that place Noosa.

Noosa Heads photo Noosa is at the northern end of Queensland’s sub-tropical Sunshine Coast and combines international sophistication with the laid back carefree ways of a small seaside town - our population is only about 50,000. Noosa is a place where you can spend your holiday in a tent or in the Sheraton Noosa Resort.

Hastings Street is the heart of the town and is Queensland's best known avenue with its tempting boutiques, restaurants, pavement bistros and beachfront north facing apartments. The perfect place to stay before you set out to explore all that we have to offer the visitor.
Drive up to Laguna Lookout on Noosa Hill and gaze down on the sheer beauty of unspoilt green bushland, rainforest, Noosa River, pristine lakes, Main Beach and the North Shore beaches and secluded bays and coves. Noosa is a flora and fauna sanctuary where birds and wildlife can be found in their natural habitat. Few Australians have seen a koala in the wild but in Noosa they're not an uncommon sight.

Noosa National Park is the most visited national park in Queensland and you can swim, surf and hike there all year round. There are miles of well kept trails along the coast and through the bush and you can stop off at one of the many sandy and secluded beaches or keep walking until you get to Alexandria Bay, Noosa's nudist beach - every year they hold the Nude Olympics there with every frivolous sport except leap-frog.

Noosa beach Noosa's beaches, river, lakes and canals offer everything for the water sports enthusiast - yachting, boating, fishing, surfing, swimming, jet-skiing, water-skiing and rowing. Bring your own boat or hire one along the riverside. Away from the water there's still plenty for you to do, whether in Noosa itself or in one of the many beautiful little towns and villages with their open-air markets, art galleries, potteries, superb restaurants and friendly pubs.

If you really want to get away, we can arrange a trip for you to World Heritage listed Fraser Island - the world’s largest sand island.

In Noosa you can get away from high rises, skyscrapers, dirt and noise. With no buildings higher than the trees you can stay in quality and comfort - at a price to suit millionaires or families on a budget.

Noosa is natural. Noosa is special. Noosa is sophisticated. Noosa is friendly and Noosa is waiting for you!


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